100% Authentic Taqueria

Mexican Taqueria Style Restaurant, Store, & Meat Market in Avon Park

About US

Estilo Jalisco 

The state of Jalisco is most known for mariachi, tequila, and it's delicious cuisine. We bring the authentic dishes and flavors from Jalisco in every bite. Made with recipes that have been in our family for generations. 

Our Dishes

  • Traditional

  • Dinner

  • Seafood & Soups

  • Tacos


Great Food & Prices

Samuel Ayala Local Guide

Great food and prices. We love coming here it’s not just fresh and authentic but super delicious. One of the few places we never get tired of eating at. Half of the place is a restaurant and the other half is a store. Also, you can buy fresh meat here with many different varieties.

Contact Information

Find us here: 1004 W Main St, Avon Park, FL 33825


Phone: (863) 452-1811